"Too Good To Be Jam" is what best describes our products using whole fruits with lower sugar than
Jams, Spreads or Preserves.

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Our Customers

I just put your jam on my slice of toast with almond butter and wanted to thank for the Tart Cherry one - it is my favorite (as well as my moms)! It reminds me 

I have never, never in my 66 years had such a delicious cherry jam. I am so in love with cherries in any way, shape or form and this jam is exactly what I've been looking for. Please keep up the good work!!  Sue 

The best jams, I love your berry jams--all of them! Never too sweet, great berry flavor. I buy them at Wheatsfield coop in Ames. thank you!!


Great product!
I purchased your peach-mango-habanero jam from Heart of Iowa Market Place in Valley Junction last week.

Just opened it today and wanted to tell you that we think it is AWESOME!

Good job! Sharon

Your Apricot jam is fabulous!! For several years I have been buying Smuckers Low Sugar Apricot jam and they have discontinued making it. So, somehow I purchased your jam @ a place in northeast Iowa. Is there anywhere near Centerville, Iowa that Hy-Vee or Fairway might carry it? It tastes better than any I have ever tasted!! Norma

I thought that your Marion berry jam was the best ever and wanted to share it, but I lost the jar and couldn't remember the name. Finally, in a last ditch effort, I typed in"Blackberry jam Iowa" and your site came up right away! Thanks for the really good web site and thanks for the really great jam!

Sincerely, Chris, Casey, Iowa

I recently purchased your Berry Patch Jam at the Iowa State Fair.  It was quite simply the best jam I have ever tasted.

My grandma never made jam, but I am glad that you do.  Keep up the good work. 

Michael Blacker, Scotch  Plains, New Jersey

Hello Clear Creek Orchard

Having grown up on a farm with a mom that canned vegi's and made all our own jellys & jams, I did not think I would ever find a black rasberry jam that would compare. About everywhere we'd go we'd buy & try there black rasberry jam only to say again, nope that's not it. Well thanks to your jam I can say I am not looking anymore. This is identical to what I grew up on. Ah at last mom's jam!!! "This is the best out there folks"

Denny - Marshalltown, Iowa

Dear CC Orchard Wizards.....this blueberry jam is just the best....I had my husband buy some other brand last week....I asked him to buy another type today...and he brought home your Blueberry....from Whole Foods....and I LOVE IT...great blueberry flavor...more blueberry flavor than most....and I love that you make it in Collins Iowa...Thanks you so much for all your work...I can only eat certain foods...so a great product like yours is a true treat! Diane, West Des Moines

I just wanted to say that your jam is amazing. I have been shopping farmers makets and local health marts for local good jam and been disappointed several times. I bought your strawberry jam this week at Gateway Market and I love knowing I now have a favorite jam! I will be back for more!! 

Wendi - Pharmacist

Hi!  I just wanted to say I really enjoy your jams, especially the black raspberry!  My boyfriend does too! 

I grew up with black raspberries growing in my yard.  I now live in an apartment and only wish I could grow my own.  I miss eating them in summer, and other jams are a disappointment because they either remove the seeds (which takes the fun out of fishing them out of your teeth, haha), or the jam has other fruit juices for flavor (yuck!).  I love your jam because it's pure and simple. 

Melissa - Des Moines, Iowa

"I recently tried the Triple Berry Jam and it is phenomenal! I  love to put it with Brie cheese on crackers while sipping on a little wine  after work.  The flavor is so powerful and aromatic.  I've tried many jams  but none better.  Your jam is the perfect blend of fruitful flavors combined  with a lovely tartness and just enough sugar to balance it all out.  I  cannot wait to try more jams.  Fareway in North Liberty stocks a number of  your products and I'm going to buy some more tonight. A couple of jars are  going with me on vacation next week."   

Bradford - North Liberty, Iowa

"I bought your Black Raspberry Seedless Jam at New Pioneer in Coralville.
This is by far the best jam I have ever had in my life. Delicious!!

Thank you for making my day with your amazing jam."  

Sue - Iowa City

"I purchased your triple berry and apple cinnamon and strawberry jam at the clay count fair in Spencer, and i just love it. My 15 yr old daughter puts it on bread, toast, and ice cream. I am going to be buying this in huge amounts as this is a wholesome and healthy product. The flavor is none other than i have ever tasted. You guys do an awesome job. Thanks for making something taste great and that is healthy for you to."

Christine - Iowa

"Oh my goodness!!!  We bought the Red Tart Cherry Jam and Strawberry Rhubarb Jam while visiting family in Des Moines, IA and those were DELICIOUS!!!  So a few days after being home we ordered 4 other flavors (as well as a 16oz Red Tart Cherry) which we just received today.  OH MY GOODNESS AGAIN!!!  All of these are just as delicious.  Our most favorite (if we have to pick a favorite) are Red Tart Cherry and Red Raspberry-Peach, but ALL OF THEM are so very good!  Needless to say I'm on your website right now to order another favorite as well as a few others we haven't tried yet. I'm scared that you'll "run out" as the season change comes closer.  Thank you soooo much for your delicious product and I'm so glad we were able to purchase your jam while visiting family in Iowa.  Now I know why my husband wants to move back! :)"

Alicia - California

"I want to tell both you and your husband how much I enjoy your jams. I visit NY City quite frequently and if I am in the City over the weekend, I will usually go to the farmer's market in Union Square on a Saturday. Vendors and farmers come from all over the northeast to sell their products. Through this market I have tried jams that are made in the Northeast and New England. Everyone claims to make the best jam and I have tried most of them. My connection to Iowa is that I did my undergraduate work at Drake University and I occasionally visit friends in Des Moines. On one of my visits, a friend gave me a jar of your jam to try. I followed this experience by ordering 3 and a half cases of your jams. I sent them to family as far away as Hawaii as Christmas gifts. The reviews are now back; everyone who received your jams from me last Christmas wants the same thing this year. So you can expect another big order from me again

I think that what is unusual about your jam is the freshness of the flavor, texture, and color of your jams. Nothing that I have ever tasted comes close to the quality of your jams!

My big concern is that if I tell everyone I know about your jams and everyone tries your jams then I might be jeopardizing my source of the world's best jams by spreading the word about your jams! It's a real dilemma!"

Lloyd - Rhode Island

"Wow that stuff is amazing. I bought some at northern prairie chevres open house today. I put it over really good vanilla bean ice cream.....and I gotta tell you, from a foodies perspective it is beyond fabulous. The intensity of the fruit is second to none. Well done!!!! I guess I will be driving back to get more jars in the very near future."  

Lori - Ames, Iowa

"I just received my Jam order today and tasted every one! I was sure that I would have a favorite and I do ---all 6 flavors. I am afraid to admit it, but I have to --- it is better then my Mom's or my Grandmom's. I am so glad that I found you and look forward to ordering additional flavors in the near future.

Many Thanks, Matt - West Palm Beach, FL

"I purchased some of your jam at the Iowa State Fair and I am hooked! I have always been pretty much a Welch's grape jelly consumer because the others just didn't taste that good. Now you've got me eating all different kinds and I'm loving it. Thanks for such a great product."

Peg - Elkhart, Iowa

"My family are apple butter connoisseurs. Your Harvest Apple Butter is hands down THE best apple butter we have ever tasted! Thank you for making such an incredible product."

Jennifer, Wisconsin

"My husband and I are HUGE fans of your jam! We can't decide which flavor we like best, because each new one we try seems even better than the one before! We go through at least two jars a week, and love it on our oatmeal and English muffins in the morning."

"Thanks for making such a terrific product!"   Karen, Iowa

"Dear Wonderful Jam Makers :-)

I am a native Iowan who now lives in Utah and I LOVE YOUR JAM!!!!  I buy it every year at the Fair when we are home to visit family." 

Mary, Utah