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Limited Quantity Sampler Pack

6 delicious 4 oz flavors: Apple Butter, Seedless Marion Blackberry, Apple Red Cherry
Red Rapsberry Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb, Apricot 

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Purchase 31 all-natural flavors of homemade gourmet jams made in small batches the way grandma used to make it, from the heart of Iowa.

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By keeping the batch size small (only slightly larger than for home cooking) we can cook each batch very quickly, thus preserving the aromatic fruit flavor that gets boiled off in commercial jam production.  And with less added sugar, you taste the real fruit flavor!  Delicious! We are sure you will enjoy the fresh fruity flavor — tart or mellow, smooth or tangy. With all these choices, we've got everyone's favorites.

Our Jam is made in central Iowa and is an All-Natural product with no preservatives added. We use only the best fruit available. We take great pride in the quality of our product!

"Too Good to Be Jam" is great on toast, cheesecake, English muffins, bagels, yogurt, ice cream, waffles, and other fun things to eat. Send a gift of "Too Good to Be Jam" to someone special. They'll be surprised, and you'll know your gift was appreciated. Our products get eaten!

We can ship direct, and if you'd like, we'll even enclose a gift card with your personal message.

Natural food from Clear Creek Orchard.  Purchase 31 all-natural flavors of
homemade gourmet jams made in small batches the way grandma used
to make it, from the heart of Iowa.