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Enjoy Great Tasting Gourmet Jams

It's easy to fit your family's tastes and consumption rate with your choice of assortments.  Choose any of our 31 flavors in several package combinations.

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Our Jams Include:

Red Raspberry - Peach
Enjoy tart red raspberries with sweet peaches for an incredible summertime combination.


Triple Berry
Wonderful blend of Blueberries, Blackberries and Red Raspberries

Apple Butter
Fragrant & spicy; short cooking time retains apple flavor
Pear  Butter
Luscious pears
Apple Cinnamon
Like eating apple pie without the crust. Warm & serve over ice cream
What can we say? It tastes like homemade freezer jam
Apple Strawberry
Crunchy apples & bright, aromatic strawberries
Sweet and tart, customers finally convinced us to do this. It's great!
Strawberry Rhubarb
A traditional favorite with home canners; ours is great
Apple Rhubarb
Tangy & tasty for the sweet & sour lovers
Red Raspberry
Tastes like fresh-from-the-field raspberries
Red Raspberry, Seedless
Made from whole fruit with the seeds removed
Red Raspberry Jalapeno
Great red raspberry flavor with heat
Black Raspberry
Our most aromatic flavor; this is an award winner
Black Raspberry, Seedless
Made from whole fruit with the seeds removed, and nearly the same flavor
Red & Black Raspberry
Brings you the best of both when you can't decide; really popular
Marion Blackberry
Strong winey flavor; a real first prize winner
Marion Blackberry, Seedless
Made from whole fruit with the seeds removed

Apple Blackberry
Two of my favorite fruits, apples and Marion blackberries

Peach-Mango Habanero
Great combination of peach and mango with more heat

Red Tart Cherry
Probably the best pie-cherry jam you have ever tasted
Apple Red Cherry
Reminds us of chutney in texture; bright red cherries & chunky apples
Dark Sweet Cherry
A generous scoop of cherries with a taste like fresh Bings
Juicy chunky peaches in a jar
Chunky & real apricot flavor
Lots of whole berries, great on creamy cheesecake
Apple Blueberry
Slices of apple & whole blueberries; surprisingly popular
Like homemade cranberry sauce year round. Great for tart-sweet lovers
Apple Cranberry
A great fruit combination, slices of apple & zingy berries
Green Gooseberry
Tart-sweet with a hint of cloves. It will remind you of the wild ones you helped grandma pick for pies
Fair Only
Berry Patch
Wonderful blend of Blueberries, Blackberries and Red Raspberries & Strawberries

Strawberry Habanero


Choose from our wide selection of Gourmet Jams!